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Craig Bootes new Superstock

Four months ago I started a project with a difference. Having been away from motorsport involvement for almost 10 years, (since returning from Australia), I had a meeting with local businessman and 3x new Zealand Superstock champion Craig Boote, to discuss building a bonnet for his new car for the 2011-2012 season.

Since then the project has evolved to include a one-off body, bonnet and carbon fibre induction system to feed the monster Tony Marsh built engine. The brief included building the patterns, moulds, race parts and panels as well as paint, so that we could quickly reproduce replacement parts as and when this high contact motorsport dictated.

Saturday 29th October marked the opening night of the Nelson Speedway season and the 1st outing for “The Boss” having only been completed hours before the meeting and without a single trial.

Craig drove the car to a 4th and 1st place against the current New Zealand #1 Dale Ewers before crashing out in race 3 during and early passing incident.
The future looks bright for “The Boss” and I am looking forward again to supporting a Champion this year.

All the best “Boss Motorsport”.

Digital 3D measuring system.

Today we have confirmed an order for the latest technology in 3D electronic vehicle measuring equipment.
This is a 1st for this level of technology in the Nelson region and in fact in NZ.
While we allready have the Satellite 3D measuring system which we will still use, we also now will be able to use this new measuring system to quickly measure any vehicle without mounting it up on our chassis machine, jacking it up or even stripping it. The cordless hand-held unit sends data back to its computor as we check specified points and it prints out a report/data sheet, which can be supplied to the customer or their insurer as well as for our own records.
This new tool will also allow us to quickly and simply assess a vehicles damage right away and in turn allow us to quote completely and accurately for repair costs before starting the job.
We are really looking forward to this new equipment, (along with our new paint system), for the New Year and the huge advance in Collision Repair Technology at our finger tips.

Latest PPG Paint technology in Nelson.

The 10th of January 2011 marks the first day that any paint and panel shop in Nelson will be using the latest PPG water bourne automotive paint system, “Exclusively”, again proving our commitment to providing the highest standard of quality in collision repair, available in our region.
We have been testing and trialing this new evolution in paint for the last few years however we have now made the decision to throw out our solvent based system and use only the new water based products on EVERY vehicle we repair.
This new paint system carries a lifetime warranty, its that good, however this level of quality does not come cheaply. Thats not your concern if you are insured, your insurer will want the best possible quality of repair available for your vehicle so we negotiate with them to ensure that for you.
Many vehicle manufacturers had allready made the switch to water based paints as far back as the late 90’s without you realizing and this has been a contributing factor to paintshops struggling with colour matching and clarity when touching up paintwork more recently. Changing to this new system means we now are using the exact same system thats allready on your car, so our colour matching is perfect everytime.
The colour has NO solvent in it at all so you dont get the same residual level of paint solvent “smell” that older systems often have. And best of all it is enviornmentally friendly, it is truly solventless, so no more harmful emissions, fumes or risk of fire or explosion.
Brads are truly “The Benchmark For Quality and Service” so when you need collision repairs, nominate us to ensure your car gets the best possible repairs available today.

MTA Approved Structural Repair 1st!

I am constantly looking to evolve our company and integrate the latest customer service and vehicle repair equipment and technique’s.
Recently Brads Smash Repairs has been audited and approved by the MTA, as the 1st, (and only), Collision repairer in the Nelson District, as an MTA Approved Structural Repair facility.
As a member of the MTA you can be assured of receiving the highest possible, quality workmanship, backed by the largest Automotive repair organisation in NZ.
So no matter who your vehicle is insured with, or who your insurer tells you who to take it to for repairs, check out our qualification and choose us to ensure the best possible accident repairs in our region.

Brads update.

Over the recent years, we have worked alongside many Insurers, Brokers and assessing companies in undertaking accident repairs for our ever increasing client base.

More recently, most insurance companies and repairers have formed “preferred repairer contracts”.
For you, (should you have an accident and need to make a claim), if you are insured with these companies, this means their claims co-ordinaters will often direct you to take your vehicle to one of their contracted repairers.

This is a great system and we are also contacted to a number of Insurers, however ultimately we undertake work for our customers first and foremost.

As a vehicle owner, you do have the ultimate right to decide were you want your car to be repaired, many people still prefer to exercise that right which we respect and acknowledge here at Brads Smash Repairs.

When you choose Brads Smash Repairs to undertake your vehicle accident repairs, we provide you with the most Qualified, fast and friendly service.

Some of the Insurance companies we work for, to name a few are:
Lumley Insurance
Farmers Mutual Insurance
AMI Insurance
AA Insurance
IAG Insurance
State Insurance
Westpac Insurance
Tower Insurance
Medical Assurance
SIS Insurance

Nelson Drag Racing Support

Last month, we were approached by the local Drag Racing Association for support.
We have jumped on board with the club, (though we dont have a personal interest in the sport) and look forward to watching their progress. This year see’s a big investment going into their facility with new “real time” timing gear from the USA and a much upgraded facility.
We are always keen to support local people and sports in our region.
Nelson drag racing action this year will include 4 national rounds, so make some time to go out and see some of the countries top Drag Cars in action and support the locals with us.

VK SS Group A / Group C, Build

This Build is now fully fabricated and in primer. The engine bay and entire underside is finished and Painted.

All modifications to the body, panels, Group C Race components, engine and suspension are completed. The list of one off and modified parts, (in order for this vehicle to appear as close to how factory would be), is long and painstaking in execution.

I did not want this vehicle to look like a Hotrod or just another replica with a fibre glass body kit, so many hours have gone into each individual part modified or made, to ensure it is well designed, finished and fitted and compliments the overall look and performance of the build.

Adjustability was also a primary objective in order that the chassis and suspension can be “tuned” and the vehicle made to drive as well as a modern Holden or better.

Paint will start on 24th August, through to mid September so I am looking forward to the final stages of the build and loading up some pictures of the completed vehicle in a couple of months.

VK Big Banger Pics

Some old pics of the adjustable watts linkage and adjustable rear spring platforms for the rear suspension.

The Big Banger has been shelved short term in order to get the Walkinshaw and the SS Group C vehicles finished for summer.

VH SS Commodore.

The newest project in is a VH SS Commodore. This car came in late last year for a fresh coat of paint in the engine bay while the engine is out and being freshened up.

The owner again is an old friend and an extremely passionate Holden fan.  Its now been decided that the VH will get completely stripped back to bare metal, some minor rust repaired and resprayed to factory spec colour, inside and out.

Pictures of the car will be added shortly and this one has a special interest for me, so most of the work will be attended to as I can schedule the time myself.