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Starsky and Hutch finished

The Gran Torino was finished last week and is undergoing final panel fitment and aligning before being delivered back to the owners for final assembly.

The white stripe and black pinstripe border are all painted on and cleared over along with the final coats of red colour and it looks terrific.

Thanks to Shane for his efforts and commitment on this project. We took this job on only a month before Xmas with still quite a bit of body work needed. Given that we closed for 3x full weeks over the Holiday season, this vehicle has progressed quickly and it is great to have such a great group of genuinely talented guys to help undertake these types of projects.

Starsky and Hutch Gran Torino

Recently we met a great couple as clients for some insurance work and as seems to happen with us, they have become good friends and supporters of our company.

Goeff and Sam came to us in November with their Ford Gran Torino, which had spent a couple of years since they first bought it, getting rust repairs and body work done at another company locally.

They were pretty specific about their requirements, finish the body work and final detailing and paint it red and white to the TV show, “Starsky and Hutch”, car colour scheme and they came armed with pictures and measurements, colour swatches and paint codes.

Again we have been fortunate enough right about the same week to engage another quality spray painter with an impressive resume of restoration work locally. The Big Gran Torino was taken on at the start of December as was Shane and he was comitted to the job full time. I have done final body repairs around the car and it was sprayed with 3 coats of Polyester Spray Filler, hand blocked, 2 pak primed, re-rubbed and finally sprayed with 2x coats of 2k white tinter. This 2k “intercoat” allows us to see any imperfections we may have missed more clearly and ensures a beautiful “clean” and even topcoat.

The paint was baked at 70c and the car is sitting now until new Year and will get final paint and completed by end of January.

Looking forward to seeing the end result of this project so quickly.

VY Commodore on 20 x 10″ DTM’s

Brad’s is constantly delivering high expectations for customers specific vehicle desires.


This VY II Commodore is being fitted with monster 20 x 10″ and 20″x 9″”DTM alloy wheels/tyres and lowered with heavy duty Lovell springs and a body kit.

20 x 10″s don’t fit the body, so rolling and widening the rear wheel arches, rear bumper and rear doors have all been necessary to get the tyres inside throughout the full range of suspension travel.

Not a big job in itself but what a great look and result for the customer.


misc-044.jpg  workshop-009.jpg

Attention to detail is taken throughout the project with the bumper mesh being powder coated to resist stone chipping and all suspension repainted black and brake callipers painted red as is significant to HSV vehicles.

A great looking vehicle update and a happy customer.