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VK Commodore SS Group C

Some long hours have gone in over the last month or so and the body is completely painted inside and out now.
The entire boot interior and rear 1/4 panels have been lined out with noise matt, as has the rear seat bulkhead and parcel shelf. This product is often overlooked in builds but offers a significant reduction in exhaust and road noise transfer, into the passenger area.
This week will see the bumpers, spoiler and arch flares rubbed and painted and the black applied to the door frames and around the tail lamps.
Assembly is well under way, with the old factory central locking system removed in readiness for new alarm and remote central locking system.
Windows will be sent for tinting this week and outer door handles will be sandblasted to ensure a good key before being painted.
The 5 speed gearbox will be installed onto the engine, brakes will be bled up and radiator checked and fitted.
I will start posting pictures regularly now as there is progress to see.

VK SS Group A / Group C, Build

This Build is now fully fabricated and in primer. The engine bay and entire underside is finished and Painted.

All modifications to the body, panels, Group C Race components, engine and suspension are completed. The list of one off and modified parts, (in order for this vehicle to appear as close to how factory would be), is long and painstaking in execution.

I did not want this vehicle to look like a Hotrod or just another replica with a fibre glass body kit, so many hours have gone into each individual part modified or made, to ensure it is well designed, finished and fitted and compliments the overall look and performance of the build.

Adjustability was also a primary objective in order that the chassis and suspension can be “tuned” and the vehicle made to drive as well as a modern Holden or better.

Paint will start on 24th August, through to mid September so I am looking forward to the final stages of the build and loading up some pictures of the completed vehicle in a couple of months.

VH SS Commodore

The VH SS Commodore project is finished and ready for delivery to our customer. A few small parts (grille, bumpers and rear spoiler etc) still require painting however they will be completed as they are able to be fitted in around our daily work load. The car will mean time be delivered so the owner can refit the engine and interior etc while we are finishing the small parts.

The White and Black colour scheme looks crisp and fresh and we will post pictures once it is completely assembled.

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AutoRobot Chassis Alignment

At Brads we have an AutoRobot chassis alignment system which is a fast, jigging bed system supporting your vehicle entirely throughout the repair and alignment process.  Coupled with the AutoRobot 3D satellite measuring system, your car is returned to its original condition and tolerance to within a millimetre of the factory specifications.

SprayPaint Professionals

Spray-Booth-GL1Our full downdraft GL1000 Spray & Bake Booth ensures that your vehicle’s paint is applied, cured & surgically cleaned during the full application process, reproducing a factory-quality finish.

Every paint job we do carries a 3 year minimum warranty.

Welding test

Recently I have sat and passed a trade welding test with a 100 % pass. This test has now been mandated as a compulsory requirement by the Collision Repair Association for those panel shops wanting to remain as Structural Repair Centre’s in future, however I understand that I am the only panel shop owner to have achieved this in Nelson and is an example of my personal commitment within our business.

Further to the welding test will be the requirement to have an inverter spot welder by June of 2009. We have allready bought this machine and are using it regularly in order to ensure that vehicles are repaired to exacting factory specification.

This has become increasingly important now with airbags, crumple zones and the prolific use of high strength steel in all modern motor vehicles and in order to retain their design function and safety system perfomance following accident repair.

You can be sure that when you nominate Brads to your insurance company for vehicle repairs, you will be getting the best quality service available.

55 Chevrolet Belair

Chris and Kaye’s 55 Chevrolet Belair is painted and reassembled and ready for delivery. It has been a big panel and paint project involving a full strip to bare metal, which exposed a very poor previous restoration attempt.

Dash and interior have been stripped and resprayed in the customers own shade of yellow and every body panel removed and paint stripped. The engine bay, door edges and outer panels were all epoxy primed and sealed before some minor rust and general damage and old repairs rectified. The body was then fully sprayed with Polyester spray filler and hand blocked, 2 pak primed and sprayed in white 2k to “base up” for the yellow final colour. This first colour coat also makes it easier to see any imperfections which can then be addressed again before the final top coat is applied.

The final Yellow/White 2 tone colour combination looks great and very original and clean.

Thanks to Roy and Steve, (2 of my very qualified painters) for their tireless efforts and helping to deliver such a great result and high standard.

Thanks for trusting us with your project Chris and Kaye and happy motoring.

Mitsubishi Triton Ute

We have taken some more photos of the Triton Ute now that we have lowered it so that you can see how it looks, we have also added a hardlid.001.JPG

This is what it looked like before the hardlid and lowering…

If you scroll down to the heading Mitsubishi Triton V6 Ute you can see all of the other modifications that it has had done.