Latest PPG Paint technology in Nelson.

The 10th of January 2011 marks the first day that any paint and panel shop in Nelson will be using the latest PPG water bourne automotive paint system, “Exclusively”, again proving our commitment to providing the highest standard of quality in collision repair, available in our region.
We have been testing and trialing this new evolution in paint for the last few years however we have now made the decision to throw out our solvent based system and use only the new water based products on EVERY vehicle we repair.
This new paint system carries a lifetime warranty, its that good, however this level of quality does not come cheaply. Thats not your concern if you are insured, your insurer will want the best possible quality of repair available for your vehicle so we negotiate with them to ensure that for you.
Many vehicle manufacturers had allready made the switch to water based paints as far back as the late 90’s without you realizing and this has been a contributing factor to paintshops struggling with colour matching and clarity when touching up paintwork more recently. Changing to this new system means we now are using the exact same system thats allready on your car, so our colour matching is perfect everytime.
The colour has NO solvent in it at all so you dont get the same residual level of paint solvent “smell” that older systems often have. And best of all it is enviornmentally friendly, it is truly solventless, so no more harmful emissions, fumes or risk of fire or explosion.
Brads are truly “The Benchmark For Quality and Service” so when you need collision repairs, nominate us to ensure your car gets the best possible repairs available today.

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