Who We Are

Brad’s Personal Background:

Having been an NZMBBA qualified A-Grade panelbeater since 1986 and successful Panelshop founder and owner in Nelson for 10 years, I became exposed to and active in motor racing here in New Zealand.

Realizing a desire to pursue this new interest professionally, I sold my company in 1998 to take up an offer working in Las Vegas, building Shelby Cobras. I then went on to work for an Australian V8 Supercar Team, Wade Henshaw, Mike Pero, Jeff Judd and Peter Brock.

That 6 years of experience gained has provided a greater knowledge and understanding of motor vehicles design, strength and requirement for thorough and accurate repairs to ensure that the maximum integrity and performance is reinstated following accident damage.

My experience, skills and knowledge is brought together now in establishing our new purpose-designed repair facility, which is structured on fast, efficient and qualified vehicle repair and rectification.

Our Facilities Include:

  • Separate Customer reception
  • PPG Waterbourne Paint System
  • Full Autorobot Chassis alignment system from Finland
  • Full 3D Satellite body measuring system from Finland
  • Wurth body sealers and rust preventers from Germany
  • Full Downdraft imported spray and heated curing paint booth
  • Rupes dustless sanding system

Our services Include:

  • Insurance Repairs
  • Minor Accident repairs
  • Major Accident repairs
  • Structural Repairs and Modifications
Brad's Smash Repairs Spray Booth
Brad’s Smash Repairs Spray Booth