Holden Crewman SS Hard-lid

We have just completed a second Holden Crewman Hard-lid modification.  Our clients wanted to fit both a Hard-lid and an alloy Sports-bar on their vehicles which is not normally an option.

We have engineered our own modifications to both components in order to allow the hard-lid lid to be fitted and open normally with the Sports-bar fitted also.

holden-crewman-hard-lid-002.jpgThe finished product looks great and retains all the original gas struts, locks and hinges.


If you are interested in having this option on your Ute, Contact Brad for details and pricing.

6 thoughts on “Holden Crewman SS Hard-lid

  1. i have ssz crewman ute can you give me a price for sports bar i have allready got hard lid i live in brisbane.

  2. can you give me a price for a hardlid without sports bar option. thanks

  3. can you give me a price for you to do this mod to a crewman hard lid? my mobile is 021771261

  4. Is it hard to convert a normal commodore hard lid into this?

    Hi, thanks for the interest and question regarding the hard lid. No its not hard, however there are a number of issues that need to be addressed properly as part of the design or it will prematurely fatigue and of course it needs to have a water tight seal around the new opening etc.
    Regards Brad

  5. i was wondering is you could give me a price on doin this 2 my crewman and if u could suply all parts….and also i live in tassie so a cost 2 get it here as well would b gr8….
    thanks brodes


  6. Hi, thanks for your enquiry through our company website.
    We have decided to no longer supply the hard lid product range due to inconsistent availablity from our supplier. You would need to contact a Holden dealer for the best options.
    Cheers, Brad

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