VK Commodore SS Group C

Some long hours have gone in over the last month or so and the body is completely painted inside and out now.
The entire boot interior and rear 1/4 panels have been lined out with noise matt, as has the rear seat bulkhead and parcel shelf. This product is often overlooked in builds but offers a significant reduction in exhaust and road noise transfer, into the passenger area.
This week will see the bumpers, spoiler and arch flares rubbed and painted and the black applied to the door frames and around the tail lamps.
Assembly is well under way, with the old factory central locking system removed in readiness for new alarm and remote central locking system.
Windows will be sent for tinting this week and outer door handles will be sandblasted to ensure a good key before being painted.
The 5 speed gearbox will be installed onto the engine, brakes will be bled up and radiator checked and fitted.
I will start posting pictures regularly now as there is progress to see.

One thought on “VK Commodore SS Group C

  1. Hi Pat, thanks for taking a look at our website.
    The blue Group C car I am doing is in storage at present while I await the new 3 piece rims for it.
    The Walkinshaw is being panel checked and prefitted for the last time and made ready for paint now while I have some time and the first Group c car I started, is now getting the paint prep started also.
    The car you refered to on Australian Musclecars site is owned by Jason Way. He is the current owner of the original moulds for the MHDT body kit and built that car having found our website, (and my Group C project article). That car was built on a budget, to gauge interest and assess market value for a potential limited number of similar builds.
    I anticipate having my Blue Group C SS on the road in time to take to the Australian Supercars, Hamilton 400 weekend in Hamilton.
    More pictures of all 3x of my cars will be posted as they progress this next 3-6 months.
    Thanks again.
    Regards Brad.

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