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Panel Beater required

WANTED!!!!! We require a qualified and motivated panel beater to join our team at the panel shop. The successful applicant will be young, keen and looking to expand their skill set to include digital assessment and quoting and management in order to to take on the day to day running of our company. If you think you are the person for this exciting role, give Marney or myself a call at the office initially – (03) 544 8845.


Businesses bounce back from April flood

When 100mm of rain bucketed down in just one hour in the Stoke-Richmond area on April 21 this year, a number of small to medium businesses in the Wakatu Industrial Estate were particularly hard hit. This week, reporters Sally Kidson and Tarranum Shaikh went back to the area to see how they are getting on.


Brad’s out of the flood

Walking into Brad’s Smash Repairs you can still smell the aroma of fresh paint lingering on the walls. Three months after the April floods hit the Wakatu Industrial Estate, the business is back on track. Owner Brad Kelling said from the outset he picked up what remained of his workshop and was “just getting on”.

“At the moment I’m working seven days a week. I rarely get away by 7pm. Everybody had the same problem. We just took it upon ourselves to manage the whole thing. We just got on and got it done.” They had the support of their customers.

“We’ve got a lot of clients that are sparkies and plumbers through our business. So we just rang people like that and they just jumped on it. I think there’s a certain amount of compassion in the community.”

Brad said publicity following the flood meant he had received business from people who wanted to help. “It’s the busiest it has ever been.”

He said the businesses in Wakatu Estate were a small community and relied on each other, so when most were flood-hit it had been hard. The company had an estimated $200,000 to $300,000 damage in the flood, which included a near total loss of machinery, customers’ cars, machinery, plant computers ruined by the water and silt that rushed into the workshop. They still have a small backlog of work, but were about a week away from getting rid of that. The new office is just a reminder to Brad of the immense strain he had in the past three months.


“If anyone had said to me the Friday before it happened ‘Are you prepared for the flood?’ that would’ve been the last thing I would’ve imagined.”


Owners find ruined cars and waterlogged sites

Business owners in Wakatu Industrial Estate face a major cleanup this week after a wall of water went through their premises.

Properties down the southern end were particularly badly affected, after the creek between Heslops and the freezing works burst its banks.

Seeing the extent of damage in the light of day was heartbreaking for some people.

Brad and Marney Kelling of Brad’s Smash Repairs faced the devastating task this morning of ringing up customers to tell them their cars were probably written off after one metre of water swept through the office and workshop.

“It’s hard for us,” Mr Kelling said. “It’s not just our business, we have got customers that need their cars.” Mr Kelling said one customer had booked a $400-a-night bach for the school holidays and needed the car to get to that holiday. Their car was written off. Continue reading Owners find ruined cars and waterlogged sites

Road Toll

Statistics show a reduction in the road toll; why do you think this is?

  • People are driving less because of petrol prices?
  • Stricter policing of speeding and dangerous driving?
  • NZers are finally getting the road safety message?