VY Commodore on 20 x 10″ DTM’s

Brad’s is constantly delivering high expectations for customers specific vehicle desires.


This VY II Commodore is being fitted with monster 20 x 10″ and 20″x 9″”DTM alloy wheels/tyres and lowered with heavy duty Lovell springs and a body kit.

20 x 10″s don’t fit the body, so rolling and widening the rear wheel arches, rear bumper and rear doors have all been necessary to get the tyres inside throughout the full range of suspension travel.

Not a big job in itself but what a great look and result for the customer.


misc-044.jpg  workshop-009.jpg

Attention to detail is taken throughout the project with the bumper mesh being powder coated to resist stone chipping and all suspension repainted black and brake callipers painted red as is significant to HSV vehicles.

A great looking vehicle update and a happy customer.

2 thoughts on “VY Commodore on 20 x 10″ DTM’s

  1. thats looks awesome…..how much did that cost and is it a proper club sport body kit or re make.

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